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LehighValleyTV.com is a video library all about Lehigh Valley, with complementary broadcast programming on your cable television. Featuring Emmy® Award-winning content created by FireRock Productions, LehighValleyTV.com raises the bar with exceptional production, bringing you entertaining and engaging content that will change the way everybody views local TV!


It's time for Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania's people, places, food, fun, and history to be seen, heard, and felt across the globe! LehighValleyTV.com captures the energy and essence of local businesses, non-profits, communities, attractions, arts, restaurants, sports, volunteerism, and the social scene through cinematic and captivating storytelling. Laugh, cry, and be inspired with us!


Our team of committed LehighValleyTV.com hosts, Liz Keptner and Paul Luongo, are excited to meet you! Guest hosts will shuffle on screen to surprise you and showcase the region, as well! No prima donnas here! They know the show is about YOU and Lehigh Valley, PA!


As proud Lehigh Valley natives, we're extremely excited about this project! We're grateful for each opportunity we have to promote Lehigh Valley with our work, and we are always looking to give back to our community through helping other local businesses and organizations.


LehighValleyTV.com is committed to contributing to the community, not only by providing the best possible video product, but also by volunteering our time, services, and resources.


Well, thanks, but why are you still reading this!? Go watch some videos!

Emmy® Award-Winning Content
by FireRock Productions

Small businesses are at the heart of local economies! The heart of small businesses are the entrepreneurs who have each sprinkled a little personality onto our thriving community. Meet the faces behind the places here, at "LehighValleyTV.com's The MarketPlace!"

Lehigh Valley TV - The MarketPlace
Lehigh Valley TV - The MarketPlace

Every Lehigh Valley municipality has its stories! From long legacies to new and developing plots, learn how these uniquely beautiful places have evolved to remain robust and intimate throughout time! This is "Where We Live!"

Lehigh Valley TV - Where We Live!

Kim Lilly, Executive Vice President at Discover Lehigh Valley and graduate of the CIA, has the perfect recipe to uncover the best dining and dishes in Lehigh Valley! Watch LehighValleyTV.com's original series, "DISHcover Lehigh Valley!"

Lehigh Valley TV - DISHcover Lehigh Valley
Lehigh Valley TV - DISHcover Lehigh Valley

The Lehigh Valley offers tremendous competitive advantages for companies in diverse industries! These videos focus on the region's four target sectors, entrepreneurial community, and redevelopment projects to answer the question, "Why Lehigh Valley?"

Lehigh Valley TV - Why Lehigh Valley?



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created by FireRock Productions
created by FireRock Productions
created by FireRock Productions
created by FireRock Productions
created by FireRock Productions